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What’s in the new Unity 5.0 preview?

By default, Unity 5 is not compatible with iOS 7 or 8.

However, you can use Unity 5 with iOS 8 or later, and you can still use the older versions of iOS 7 and 8 on older iPhones and iPads.

iOS 8 is still supported, but you’ll be required to use a modified version of iOS 9 or later to do this.

Unity 5 has a number of changes to make its applets easier to use on older devices, such as adding support for the new retina display technology in iOS 8 and iOS 9.

However the biggest change is that you can now drag and drop images from the clipboard onto the Unity 5 applets to resize them and resize them to the size of the image itself.

If you’ve ever used the built-in Unity 4.0 toolkit, you know this isn’t a huge deal, but it does mean that the applets will now resize to the full width of your device.

This is a huge improvement over Unity 4, which was unable to resize image images to the correct size on older phones.

You’ll need to download a copy of Unity 5 to use the new applets, as well as a copy from the Unity 4 website.

Unity also offers a number other new features, such in-app purchases and improved search results.

In the coming weeks, you’ll also see more of the new look and feel of Unity, and improvements to some of the older features, including support for new features like virtual desktops and new graphics tools.

As you can see from the screenshots below, the Unity applets for the iPhone and iPad have some new look, including a new dock, new keyboard shortcuts and a new toolbar.

Unity is a well-known framework for building game engines and user interfaces for the Apple Watch, Apple TV, Mac OS X and Windows.

This release brings a number new features to the Unity game engine, including:The Apple Watch applets have been overhauled in Unity 5, and they are much more intuitive and easy to use.

You can now launch the Watch applet by simply tapping on the icon on the upper right of the screen, and the Watch will appear on the screen.

You now have access to your favourite Watch apps, and your Watch can now be used as a gamepad.

If you want to learn more about Unity, you should read our Unity 5 Developer Guide.

The full list of changes is here, and there are a number more useful Unity 5 features available to developers, including the ability to import Unity 5 scripts into Unity, new search features, new support for custom images and new support in iOS 9 for custom graphics tools like PixelMapper.


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