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How to create a cross-platform platform for IoT development

FMC Technologies, a Canadian maker of industrial sensors and devices, has announced that it has acquired IoT platform XCODE.

The acquisition brings FMC to its own XCOPE, a cloud-based platform for building IoT products.

“We are very excited to join XCope as an IoT platform, bringing together FMC’s core platform with XCOPY,” said FMC VP of IoT and IoT technology, Jim Walsworth.

“This will enable FMC products to be easily integrated into IoT solutions in the future, with a broad spectrum of IoT technologies to meet the unique needs of businesses and consumers.”

XCOTE, which is available for Android, iOS and Windows, enables customers to create and manage cross-device devices using a single API.

XCode also allows businesses to develop, test and deploy IoT solutions from a single point of entry.

“The XCote platform offers a complete solution for creating and managing IoT devices on the cloud.

It is based on the latest FMC platform technology and is a highly scalable platform,” said Chris Lutg, chief operating officer of XCORE, in a press release.

XCE was developed by FMC and its partner Infineon.

It was originally announced in 2014.

In 2016, FMC acquired the FMC Robotics business and began developing its own FMC-branded IoT solutions.

FMC also announced that the FMA IoT Solutions group, the new entity formed by FMA to develop and commercialize IoT solutions, has been acquired by Infine on March 1, 2018.

FMA is the parent company of Infineons robotics, medical imaging and IoT solutions business.

InfineON is a leading provider of software-defined sensors and device management solutions for industrial, commercial, and healthcare industries.

Infini has more than 300 employees across North America and has offices in more than 25 countries.

FMD’s business continues to expand in the IoT space.

“FMD’s mission is to accelerate the development of IoT solutions that deliver breakthrough products to the market and help consumers and businesses take full advantage of the opportunities in the connected and connected-enabled environment,” said Mark Williams, FMD CEO, in an announcement.

The company has also announced plans to add a new cloud platform, which will allow businesses to deploy IoT-enabled applications and services on its own network.

The new platform, called XCE, will be available for both Android and iOS.

FMI’s XCUSE IoT platform will also be available on Android, which means the company will continue to be a leading partner in the space.

For more on the FMI IoT platform and other FMC IoT solutions see our article on FMI.


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