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How to beat the Apple Pay craze

By now, we’ve all heard of the Apple Watch and the Apple TV, but what if there was a device that could deliver a similar experience on the go?

That’s exactly what Apple is planning to release this fall.

The company has revealed that it is developing a “mobile payment solution” that it claims is capable of making payments on iPhones, iPads, and Macs as well as “smart” TVs and other gadgets.

“We’ve been working on an exciting new product that will help you make payments on your Mac, iPhone, or TV, wherever you are,” Apple’s CEO Tim Cook wrote in a blog post.

“With this new technology, you can now make payments for your devices and on your computers at the touch of a button.

It’s just a matter of time.”

Cook goes on to say that the new payment system will allow customers to make payments from the home, on a tablet, on their iPhone, on the Mac, or even through their Apple Watch, in a matter that takes less than a minute.

It’s not the first time Apple has announced a product with a payment feature, and it won’t be the last.

Last fall, the company announced a mobile wallet that can allow people to make “smart card” payments on the spot.

But Apple’s latest announcement doesn’t seem to be aimed at a whole new market.

“You can make payments anywhere in the world,” Cook writes.

“And you can do it with just one touch.”

Apple is already working on its own mobile payments app, called Apple Pay, which is due to launch this fall and is said to work across a variety of devices.

However, it’s not yet clear if this new payment solution will be compatible with Apple Pay.

The new system will be available in a few months, but Apple has not yet released a launch date.

Apple is also planning to introduce a new feature for Mac users that will allow them to pay for items with the touch.

In addition to the Apple Wallet, the app will allow Mac users to add items to a list of shopping lists.

In a blog update, Apple’s vice president of product management Jony Ive described the new feature as “the most powerful way to make and add purchases from your Mac” and promised that it will “revolutionize Mac shopping.”


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