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How to read the new LUMINOS LUMEN technology

LUMINA, Switzerland, Oct. 29 (UPI) — A new type of light-emitting diodes is being developed by a team of scientists in the Swiss Alps that uses a “lumen technology” that could reduce the amount of energy needed to run a car or power a home.

The Lumina diode has a “green” light-absorbing layer that absorbs up to 10 times more light than other types of LEDs.

That means the Lumina can power LED lighting up to 20 times faster than existing LEDs, which are generally too large to be used in lights that are too bright.

It is also much smaller than the current technology and could be used to replace a traditional light bulb that emits white light to illuminate an LED.

The Swiss team is hoping to sell their lumina diaison to a home appliance manufacturer for a little under $2,000 per unit, which is less than a third of the current cost of LEDs, said Thomas Hahn, the Luminas co-founder and principal scientist.

Lumen technology is also being used to power LEDs in cars, and the Lumini has been used in the car’s headlights, to make it safer to operate.

Lumina technology could also help make LED lighting safer for children.

The company has developed a way to convert light emitted from an LED into a small amount of light that can be used for lighting up the room.

The Lumina system uses the energy from light emitted by the LED to heat the LEDs to the point that they glow, which can help reduce the risk of electrocution and other damage.LUMINA’s technology was designed for indoor use.

It’s not meant to be practical for outdoor use because of the cost and size of the lamps, Hahn said.

Luminas can also be used on food and beverage packaging, to create a safe environment for children, to power electronic devices, and to provide a source of energy to appliances.

The company also says Lumina technology can help improve the energy efficiency of the electrical grid.

The development of Lumina light-sensing technology is a collaboration between the Lumino Technology and Lumina Group, which has developed an industry-leading array of LEDs and lumina lamps.

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