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Block Chain Technology Contact How the NSA is using quantum technology to track billions of online users

How the NSA is using quantum technology to track billions of online users

This article was first published in TechCrunch’s April issue.

Read moreAbout the article The NSA is building a quantum network of sensors that could detect and track people using facial recognition, the Guardian reported.

It’s unclear how many people in the world would benefit from the technology, but if it could be used to identify people with cancer, it would be a game-changer, the report said.

The NSA has been working on using quantum technologies for surveillance since 2010.

Quantum computing is the ability to process data at much higher speeds than traditional computers.

Quantum computers use a quantum bit to represent the state of a quantum particle, allowing them to be read and processed in the same way as conventional computers.

The ability to create quantum computers is currently limited to the quantum world, and the technology has only recently begun to spread to more exotic quantum systems.

Quantrum systems are generally much smaller than conventional computers, and are capable of solving complex mathematical problems much faster than conventional computing, allowing the NSA to conduct surveillance and surveillance operations much faster.

While the NSA has previously said that quantum technology is used to create a vast amount of data, it hasn’t provided any examples of how it has actually used it to spy on people.

The Guardian said that it had contacted the NSA and was awaiting comment.

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