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How to use liteons technology to boost your health

liteont technology, the makers of smart watches, fitness trackers and other wearable technology, said it will be launching a new line of smart glasses with advanced technology to help patients and caregivers learn how to use them.

The company, which has developed smart glasses for some of the world’s largest hospitals and hospitals for people with disabilities, said Monday it has partnered with a leading provider of health information and communication technology, Medi-Cal, to develop an app for liteonics smart glasses, which are made with flexible, rechargeable batteries.

Liteont said it has been working with MediCal to design a liteonic smart glasses app for use with their devices, which will be available in the coming months.

It will also offer the apps in a range of languages and in more languages than it currently offers, it said.

Lithium-ion batteries store energy when the wearer uses the glasses and when they are not in use, and are charged via a computer and smartphone app.

Liteont uses a technology called liteoton technology to charge the glasses when they’re in use.

It said that because the glasses use a flexible battery, they can be easily switched out when the user wants to use a different liteony device, which can help people with diabetes and other health conditions.

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