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How to set up a beta system for your company

It has been nearly three years since Microsoft announced its long-awaited Windows 10 operating system, and now it has officially launched a beta program for its partners to test it out.

The program has been in place since January, but the Microsoft spokesperson told TechCrunch that it has only just started to gain traction in the market.

The company will roll out the beta program to the majority of its partners in the coming days, the spokesperson added.

For its part, Microsoft has already begun rolling out its beta program on its own.

It started the program a few months ago and said it is now “in full swing.”

The Windows 10 beta is the latest in a series of efforts to improve the quality of Microsoft’s operating system.

This past November, the company rolled out a new version of its cloud-based version of Office, and in January, it released a beta of its Cortana voice-activated assistant that was able to learn more about users.

The beta program was also launched with a new Cortana voice service that allowed people to learn to use it by asking it to take on new tasks.

Microsoft’s latest attempt at improving its operating system comes in the form of a beta for developers.

It announced in March that it would roll out an “operating system” called Windows 10.

The “operational system” was an attempt to keep the name of the operating system simple, but it is the name Microsoft chose for its Windows 10 because it is part of a family of operating systems called the Windows family.

The family includes the Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Server, Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, Bing, Xbox, and Windows 8 operating systems.

The company has also rolled out the Windows 10 SDK for developers to use.

That SDK has a wide variety of useful tools for developers and enables them to create applications for Windows 10, including an app store, the ability to run cross-platform applications, and the ability for developers, who already have the SDK, to create new applications.

The Windows 10 mobile SDK has also been released, and has been available to developers for about two months.

Microsoft says it is targeting developers with a number of different platforms and that it is not targeting anyone with an old Windows 7 PC or a Windows 8 machine.

Microsoft also announced that it will be making the beta version of Windows 10 available for free for a limited time.

The service will be available from January 17 to February 17, 2018, with the first beta version available from April 9 to May 17.

The beta program has attracted a lot of interest from users and developers, and some of them have started using it as a way to try out the operating systems that are now available on their machines.

A user named Daniel who started using the beta has shared a video on YouTube that shows how to download the Windows beta version, which is also available for Windows 7 users.


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