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What to do with your tech debt?

This article discusses the latest tech tech debt trends.

Tech debt, or debt from tech companies to employees and customers, is the biggest financial issue facing millions of American workers and customers.

According to the Federal Reserve, a quarter of American households are underwater on debt.

Tech companies, meanwhile, are struggling to keep up with their growing costs, as well as a slowing economy.

Here are 10 tech debt stories that we think you’ll love:1.

Microsoft and Google owe employees more than $500,000 and employees of Amazon, Microsoft, and eBay owe $1.6 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal.2.

Netflix owes employees $1,000,000.3.

Microsoft owes employees more a million dollars.4.

Google owes employees nearly $600,000 in cash and other assets.5. owes employees over $2.2 million in cash.6.

Facebook owes employees about $700,000 as well.7.

Amazon is owed $500 million in back wages, according the Washington Post.8.

Yahoo owes employees around $2 million.9.

Amazon and Google are owed $1 billion in back pay and wages.10.

Apple is owed over $1 million in unpaid taxes.

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