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Block Chain Technology Contact Google is launching its new Advanced Technology Services division to support the growing demand for cloud computing and automation services from IT professionals

Google is launching its new Advanced Technology Services division to support the growing demand for cloud computing and automation services from IT professionals

Google is set to launch an Advanced Technology Service division to provide cloud-based automation, cloud-centric software, analytics and security solutions to IT professionals.

Google’s new Advanced Technologies Services division will be headed by the founder and chief executive of the US-based startup, Andy Rubin.

The new division will aim to provide solutions that leverage Google’s massive global network of data centers and data centers across the globe to enable the rapid deployment of cloud-optimized and cloud-aware applications, services and infrastructure.

Rubin has already established a reputation for his expertise in the area of artificial intelligence, which Google uses to develop artificial intelligence services that leverage the company’s machine learning capabilities.

He has been credited with leading Google to create a company called DeepMind that is responsible for the development of deep learning technologies for the world’s leading search engine and machine learning platform.

Google has been using deep learning to accelerate its artificial intelligence efforts for years, but the company has been slow to deploy it into its services.

Rubin will be joining Google’s newly formed Advanced Technologies division, which will be responsible for delivering these services to businesses and users in the US and globally.

“Today, the world needs new tools and services to keep pace with the pace of innovation, and our goal is to help companies use these technologies in ways that are as scalable and powerful as possible,” Rubin said in a statement.

Google is also looking to expand its capabilities in the cloud, with Rubin promising that the new division would be able to scale up its offerings to meet the increasing demands for cloud-ready applications and services.

“We believe that the right infrastructure can power our growth and help us accelerate our growth in new areas such as machine learning, data analytics, security, and cloud computing,” Rubin added.


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