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Block Chain Technology Solutions Which Tetra Technologies will be powering Google’s new wearable?

Which Tetra Technologies will be powering Google’s new wearable?

Updated September 24, 2018 02:54:33 Google’s Project Tango has been a huge hit for the company, but the company’s wearable project, which has a number of major competitors including Samsung and Apple, may be on the back burner for a while.

Tango, which will be built on the ARM-based chip used in Android Wear, will not be used in the first-generation Google Watch.

Instead, Google will be building a “smartwatch” version of the wearable that will work with Android apps.

The watch will work similarly to the Google Fit smartwatch from last year.

However, Google says that Tango will not work in a watch with the same functionality.

Google is expected to unveil the wearable device sometime this year.

The company will unveil the new Google Wear wearable device at the IFA tech trade show in Berlin next month.

The wearable project is still under way and there are currently no details about pricing or availability.

In September, Google announced a number new smartwatches.

One was the Google Watch Sport that was announced in September 2018 and another was the Fitbit Surge, which was announced just a few weeks later.

There was also a third smartwatch that was rumored to be coming, the Fit Connect.

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