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Dell Technologies to buy Harris Technologies

Dell Technologies has announced plans to buy the insurance company Harris Technology Corporation, the company announced Wednesday.

The deal is valued at $1.9 billion, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Harris, based in New Jersey, employs about 500 people and operates a number of insurance and reinsurance products, including reinsurance underwriting and reinsure, reinsurance for reinsurance brokers and reinsurer-sponsored insurance companies.

The news comes just days after Dell said it will pay $1 billion for U.S. technology giant Apple Inc. and $700 million for global tech giant Salesforce.

It also announced that it will buy the digital media company YouTube Inc. for $970 million.

The announcement comes as Dell continues to struggle with a slowing smartphone market.

The company reported quarterly revenue of $2.6 billion and a net loss of $3.2 billion.

In its most recent fiscal year, the market for smartphones was $4.7 billion, down from $6.9 million in the previous fiscal year.

The company is also in the process of selling its medical devices business, which has struggled with rising health care costs.

It has also announced plans for an initial public offering, but no date has been set.

Dell’s stock has fallen 17% over the past two years.

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