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How to make an Amazon Echo a $1,000 toy: Tech specs

A $1 million Amazon Echo device is just one of many new products expected to debut this week in the retailer’s “new toy” series.

In a video that will go viral online, Amazon chief technology officer Andrew Hsieh gives an example of a device that’s more akin to a real-world product.

The device can be customized with the Amazon app and is compatible with an array of sensors and smart home devices, including Apple HomeKit and Google Home.

Hsieh said in the video that the company plans to launch at least four products this week that will offer more customization options for Echo owners.

These will include an Alexa-enabled smart thermostat, a home automation speaker that can be connected to the Echo and Amazon Alexa, and a speaker that allows you to use an Echo device to control your home from a phone.

Hsu’s video also features a video of Echo owners giving their own instructions for how to customize their Echo device.

It features some Amazon Echo users explaining how they used the Echo device in the past, including setting up a wireless Internet connection, installing a wireless speaker, setting up an audio system, and even turning off an audio speaker.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has promised that his Echo devices will offer many of the same features as Amazon’s own Echo devices, but the company is launching several products this year that are a step closer to competing directly with the company’s flagship products.

The Echo has become a popular, if slightly pricier, option for many consumers.

The Echo is one of Amazon’s more popular products, with more than half of all homes in the U.S. now connected to it, according to Nielsen.

Amazon’s new toy line is expected to be the first major expansion of the company since its 2012 acquisition of the smart speaker maker.

Amazon has said that it plans to open more Echo shops this year, and is also expected to unveil the Echo Pro and Echo Dot later this year.

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