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Why the world needs more advanced pro-gamers

As the popularity of video game consoles and PC gaming has grown, so has the demand for advanced pro players, especially at the higher levels.

The demand has seen the popularity rise across all skill levels, from the very early stages of gaming to the highest levels of professional gaming.

But the demand has also seen some pro-players get overlooked in favour of younger players, often because of their lower level of gaming expertise.

“There are so many young pro gamers in the industry right now, and that’s what’s really hurting the scene,” says Andrew Lutz, an esports player at the time who is now a professional gamer.

“It’s a lot of people that are doing really well in the professional scene, but they’re also just not very good at pro gaming.”

Lutz is part of a group of people called the Genesis Pro Gamers, a collective of experienced players who have become known for their high-level play and ability to compete at the highest level.

Lutz’s pro gaming career began in 2008 with his team, Renegades.

He was the first player to make it to the first Major of the StarCraft II franchise.

“My team was pretty young when we first got together,” he recalls.

“I started off with no money.

“It was pretty cool, the crowd was great, it was just a fun experience. “

But then I went through school, and then I got into the first tournament of the year, the Intel Extreme Masters, and went through the tournament with Renegades.”

“It was pretty cool, the crowd was great, it was just a fun experience.

I was a lot more prepared for it than I had been when I first started.”

“But it wasn’t like I was being really good at StarCraft, I was like, ‘I’ve got this thing called Pro-gaming.

I’m gonna go out there and get good at it, and it’ll just make me so good at Starcraft that I can compete at a high level.'”

After making it to Worlds, Lutz left Renegades and joined the team of a few other young players called Genesis Pro, who had previously been playing under the name Genesis Legends.

The team was the third of three in the Genesis Pro Pro roster.

“That was a really tough experience,” Lutz says.

“You know, we had some people from the team that were really good players, but then I was the one that was really really bad at the game.”

Genesis Pro went on to qualify for the 2010 StarCraft II World Championship, where they lost to eventual champion Evil Geniuses.

“We went through a pretty rough patch,” Luthits says.

But they were able to overcome that setback and advance to the semifinals of the 2011 World Championship.

“In the semifinals, we actually had a very good performance, beating EG, but in the grand finals, we lost to Evil Genuses.”

“In my opinion, we should have won that match, but it was probably just a really unlucky result,” Lulzz says.

Luthit had also been playing for the team since the end of the 2008 season, when Renegades was still in Renegades, and the team was considered one of the most dominant teams in the region.

Lulzit was a player that everyone loved to play against, but he says the team wasn’t able to make the finals because of the lack of support from its support player.

“So we had to leave Renegades because we couldn’t make the final,” Luzit says.

The Genesis Pro team left Renegade, but Lutz had a much better chance of making the final.

He says he started to get better and better at the team.

“The next couple of years were really bad for me,” he says.

For the most part, Lulzits played on the team as a support player and he eventually ended up playing as an ADC on Renegades’ team.

But he was able to prove that he could still play on the top teams in Europe.

“A lot of the time, if you’re on the bottom of the ladder, if it’s the top team, you’re probably the best player on that team,” Lulzits says, referring to Renegades as “the team with the biggest name”.

Lulzts team was also the first pro-team to have a player from the United Kingdom who had played professionally for at least three years.

“They had such a strong roster that it made it very difficult for us to go anywhere in Europe,” Luls says.

He credits the UK with being one of Renegades biggest influences on him and the Genesis Pros.

“Just seeing them play and seeing their level of talent was really good for me.”

But the players from the UK weren’t always able to follow in the footsteps of the Genesis players.

“Even though I was playing with them, I wasn’t necessarily as good as the Genesis team,” he


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