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How to install an MRNA system in your house

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is currently working on the implementation of an MRN system to replace the existing traffic lights in the city.

The MRN is a network of devices, which provide information and communication capabilities for public transport.

The technology is expected to be installed on a large scale in the near future.

NHAIC has been developing a plan to improve traffic safety in the national capital.

The system is expected be completed by March 2019 and installed on all national highways.

It will enable public transport to provide more reliable and more effective traffic signals, as well as reduce accidents and deaths.

The MRN technology is currently being tested in different parts of the country and has been approved for use by the National Highway Authority of Pakistan (NhaP) in Islamabad, the country’s most populous city.

The MRNA is an integrated network of various devices, enabling communication, navigation, traffic control and traffic flow.

Its main function is to detect and report on changes in the status of traffic signals.

The signal-monitoring devices detect changes in traffic conditions, which are communicated via wireless signals.

The system is also expected to reduce accidents.

The NHAI has also announced that it will start implementing the system on a pilot basis from next month.

Currently, there are over 30,000 traffic signals across the country.

With more than 1,600 traffic signals being installed in Delhi, NHAIs plan is to install about 20,000 signals by the end of this year.

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