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How to make a smart home app using Android Wear

Google is preparing to launch its own smart home product next month that will let users control lighting and motion with their phones, according to the company’s new Chief Operating Officer, Lawrence Tsing.

In a blog post Wednesday, Tsing said the company has begun building a prototype for its Android Wear platform, and the company expects to launch the product sometime in 2017.

The product, dubbed the Google Home, will let smart home owners use their phones to control lighting, motion and sound.

Tsing says the product will work with any Android device, and will work on Wear devices as well as any iOS device.

It will not work with Google’s own smart TVs, which require a smartphone.

Google Home will be available to consumers later this year.

It has been in the works for several years and is expected to be the first smart home device to ship with the wearable platform.

Tsing says it will be able to provide more control to smart home users over their devices than existing smart home devices, and that the software will be compatible with a wide range of smart home products.

The new product will allow people to control lights, motion, sound, temperature, and volume with their smartphones, as well, as it will let people control lighting on a room-by-room basis.

Tsung says the Android Wear software will also be available on Wear TVs, tablets and other smart home hardware.

Tsung says that Google Home will include an intelligent assistant, as seen in the upcoming movie “The Accountant,” that will be smarter than humans.

The company has been working on the project since 2015.

Tsunets first Android Wear device, the Google Glass, was unveiled last year.

Google Glass has received a lot of attention for its camera capabilities, which are built into the glasses, but the company still hasn’t released a consumer product with them.

Tsong says that Glass will have a number of features that will make it more useful than a phone.

Tsong says Google Home’s software will provide more personalization to smart homes, including customization of the app to match the individual needs of the user, and a “smart home ecosystem” that will allow Google Home to interact with other smart devices in real time.

Google has previously said it wants to be a part of the smart home revolution and the product could be part of that effort.

In addition to smart products like Google Glass and the Google Assistant, Tsung has previously been linked to Google Home.

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