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Block Chain Technology About Zebra Technologies is to build its own smart glasses to compete with Apple’s Apple Watch

Zebra Technologies is to build its own smart glasses to compete with Apple’s Apple Watch

Zebra has been developing its own vision-guided smart glasses for about a year, but it’s just now getting the first of the first models made.

Zebra’s latest product, the Zebra X1, uses a proprietary “procore” technology, which allows the company to track your head movement and make sure it’s accurate.

“We’re going to do a full prototype of the Zebra X1 in about a week,” Zebra chief executive Mike Fink said.

“The first thing we’re going for is getting a good signal out of it and getting a signal from the eye to the brain that the eyes are responding and that’s really the key thing.”

The company is aiming to produce about 50 units, but Fink has no specific target for when the ZeraX1 is going to ship.

“I’m going to say a few months,” he said.

Fink says he’s not concerned about the ZetaX1 being a niche product.

“It’s a product that can be used by anyone, for anyone, to do everything that you can do with a smart phone,” he told ABC News.

“That’s going to be a big appeal for people, and it’s really good for our business.”

Fink is confident that Zebra can turn out something special.

“This is the best wearable in the world,” he added.

“There’s a lot of things that we can do.

We can take the smart glasses, the smart display, the head tracking and we can put everything together.”

He says the Zyxi will have “really great sensors”, which means the smart devices could be used to help people with other conditions such as diabetes or dementia.

“You can use the Zaxi to track a person’s blood sugar levels, or if they’ve had a stroke or something like that,” he explained.

But the ZZxi’s biggest potential is in the home.””

You can also track them walking, and then if you’re driving a car, you can see the speed, you know how much you’re pushing it.”

But the ZZxi’s biggest potential is in the home.

“When you think about the way we’re doing things with the ZX1 and the Zzebi, we’re not going to go for the consumer version,” Fink explained.

“The ZXi is not going into the home, we don’t want to go into the car, and we don, we want to get a very high quality product that’s going into a home.”

He said Zebra will also work with other manufacturers to make smart home devices, including those that can track the movement of the lights, fans and thermostats.

The Zyxis are due to be released in late 2017.

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