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Block Chain Technology About ‘A huge success’: Tech giants make strides to help people in India – The Times of India

‘A huge success’: Tech giants make strides to help people in India – The Times of India

Times of the Day – 2 Nov 2017 09:24:59India’s biggest tech companies have made significant progress in making India’s rural poor, including children and the elderly, more productive, a report by India’s government has found.

Key findings of the report released on Wednesday show the country’s largest tech firms have been working with social and economic development authorities, government agencies and private sector organisations in an effort to encourage people to work more and get more paid, to tackle poverty and poverty-related illnesses, and to help them get access to basic services such as healthcare and education.

The report by the Ministry of Manpower, Information Technology and Telecommunications (MIT) also showed that India’s biggest companies have taken action to ensure that they have an integrated social and governance system, including through the creation of new departments, making public policies on social issues and training and mentoring key leaders in the fields of governance and social impact management.

The findings come as India is the fastest growing country in terms of number of smartphone users in terms on the number of devices, and is in line to overtake the US as the world’s largest smartphone market by 2020.

The latest report from the Ministry also found that India is on track to surpass the US by 2020 to become the world leader in mobile phone penetration, with the number one market share of mobile phones and mobile phones as a platform.

The ministry said the report also showed significant progress made by the government to improve social inclusion.

The government has implemented more than 15 schemes aimed at helping people live more sustainably, including on social inclusion, nutrition and child development, and on gender parity in education, employment and housing, the report said.

The Ministry said it has also undertaken a strategic review of the country, which will be followed by a major exercise to determine the priorities of government agencies.

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