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Why it’s time for the ‘next generation’ of Raytheon to look at drones

The Indian Air Force is trying to move beyond a reliance on drones to a future in which it is able to use the latest technology. 

The Indian Air Corps (IAF) is trying new technologies, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and its plan is to move away from traditional warfare, as well as unmanned reconnaissance.

The first unmanned aerial vehicle was successfully tested on April 30 and the IAF is now planning to deploy up to five drones.

As a part of this plan, the IAAF is trying out the use of autonomous drones to conduct reconnaissance.

The first of these is the Korona, which is a small unmanned reconnaissance aircraft designed to carry sensors and cameras to gather information about the enemy.

“A new generation of drones, with autonomous capabilities, will make it possible to conduct the kind of precision reconnaissance needed for the protection of air and sea forces, as the IACs own air force chief stated earlier this month,” an official said.

The IAF was able to carry out this mission using a Korkmaz, an unmanned aircraft that is capable of hovering over the ground and carrying sensors to collect data.

The Korkmnaz has been tested successfully and the Indian Air Command (IAFC) is now developing the Kork-Maz to be deployed on the IAB.

The Indian Army is also looking to incorporate autonomous drones in future operations, the official added.

The AIB-21, a drone used by the Indian Army to track and target terrorists and insurgents in Kashmir, is the latest in a long line of autonomous military drones.

The unmanned aerial system (UAS) Kork-Miros is currently the fourth-most expensive UAV on the market, according to the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization (DDRO).

The drone is capable, the Indian official said, of carrying an infrared camera that can provide infrared surveillance of enemy troops.

With a price tag of Rs 12 crore, it has a range of about 1.5 kilometres.


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