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Block Chain Technology Solutions Google’s Mirion, a Mirion mobile processor with 3D, is a “smart phone killer”

Google’s Mirion, a Mirion mobile processor with 3D, is a “smart phone killer”

Google is taking a much-needed step toward bringing its mobile technology to the world.

The search giant has been quietly making big strides in developing a mobile processor that can be embedded in a smartphone, but it still needs a major overhaul.

Mirion is Google’s latest chip to make a splash in the mobile space.

Read moreRead moreThe Mirion technology is the brainchild of Google, which hopes that it can revolutionize how we interact with phones.

The chip will allow Android to run apps without the need for a separate processor.

It’s expected to arrive sometime in the second half of the year.

While Google is only announcing Mirion this week, it already has a lot of chipsets on the market already.

The company has a slew of chips with Mirion features, including the Mirion X2, which has 3D support, the Mirus X2 and the Mirio X2.

It has also released a number of other mobile processors, including Mirion 2, Mirion 3, Mirio 4 and Mirio 5.

The company hasn’t revealed much about the Mirions mobile chipsets, but a look at its existing lineup shows some interesting details.

For starters, it appears that the Mirius chip is a dual-core chip that has 2.1GHz and 2.5GHz performance, while the Mirios are a quad-core CPU and quad-GPU.

The two chipsets share the same architecture.

The new Mirion chipsets will have a “memory” interface that’s similar to what you’d see in a modern smartphone.

The memory will be able to store and retrieve large amounts of data, like photos and video, and will also be able access and access more memory.

The new chipsets also support a wide range of applications, including video calling and photo editing.

It sounds like this new chip will be a big hit with mobile users, which is something that Google is also looking to capitalize on.

The first device to be built using the new chips will be the Nexus 5, which Google says will launch this summer.

Google will also roll out Mirion to other phones starting in September, with the first device launching later in the year, according to Google.

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