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IBM’s Jumia Technology to Make the Smart Grid More Secure

IBM’s subsidiary, Jumias, will develop new technologies to make the smart grid more secure and resilient to cyber attacks.

In a joint announcement on Thursday, the two companies announced that Jumian Technologies will lead the development of a new smart grid security platform.

Jumies main focus is to provide a platform that will enable the development and deployment of the next generation of smart grid technology, said Jumial Technology’s CEO, Michael K. Pinto.

The new platform will include the ability to implement the most advanced security technologies to secure the network of the smart network, which could enable greater efficiency and control, Pinto said.

IBM will be using Jumians platform to make its smart grid applications more secure by integrating the capabilities of cloud and cloud services.

The cloud services will be used for managing and controlling data storage, analytics, security and compliance, Pintos said.

The future of smart grids is bright IBM is investing billions of dollars in the smart home, including the smart switch.

IBM recently completed a $20 billion contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to help provide security and monitoring services to smart homes.

IBM said the company is also working with the Department of Defense and the U:S.

Army to develop smart switch solutions that will enhance the capabilities and security of smart homes and smart devices.

The U. S. military has been developing its own smart home security solutions, including an integrated smart-home security solution, Pincus said.

Pincs latest project is to integrate cloud and software services to make it easier to automate and automate the installation of smart home solutions.

IBM’s next smart grid project will include a new system that will help the company develop its own security and management systems.

IBM has partnered with a leading cybersecurity firm, Recorded Future, on the project, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, Pintel said.

Recorded Future will develop and deliver the solution that will allow IBM to deliver secure smart grid services to more customers, Pinchas said.

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