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What is Dell Technologies?

Dell Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:DPS), a provider of digital imaging and video solutions for the global digital camera industry, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Intel Corp. and its Imaging and Systems unit, for a total value of $1.65 billion.

This transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2021.

Intel is a global leader in digital imaging technology and its products are used by companies such as Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., and many others in the digital camera market.

Dell is focused on building a portfolio of leading digital imaging products for its customers, while also expanding its portfolio of digital products for the private sector.

The acquisition will enable Dell to become a leader in the global imaging and software market, and will help us accelerate our progress towards a digital camera revolution.

“Intel is a great company, and I am thrilled that Dell is looking to expand into the next stage of its digital camera innovation,” said Jeff Brodsky, president and CEO of Intel.

“Our shared vision for the future of the digital cameras is to deliver a camera that is both capable of capturing high quality images and at a price point that is affordable to our customers.

The integration of Dell and Intel will help Dell achieve that vision.

I am confident Dell will achieve this vision.”

“I am excited to be joining Intel and to have Intel lead the next generation of imaging and digital cameras,” said Chris Capasso, president of Dell Technologies.

“We are taking a leadership role in developing and delivering a leading platform that allows companies to achieve the incredible photography and videography that consumers expect from their digital cameras.

I look forward to joining Dell Technologies as we continue to expand our products for our customers and our customers’ customers.”

The acquisition is expected in the fourth quarter of 2020, and the combined company will be led by Dell Technologies CEO Jeff Brodksy.

In addition to Intel, Dell Technologies is a member of the Intel Corporation Board of Directors.

For more information on Dell Technologies and Intel, please visit the company’s website at

Dell, Intel and their products are the most used digital cameras in the world, with sales surpassing $50 billion.

DHL, a leading global logistics provider, is also a member.

In October 2018, DHL agreed to acquire E.I.C.S., Inc. for an aggregate value of approximately $2.3 billion.


C to be a subsidiary of DHL The combined company is led by DHL Technologies CEO and Chairman Jeff Brodfksy, who will serve as President and Chief Executive Officer.

The transaction, if consummated, will provide DHL with an opportunity to accelerate its digital transformation by expanding its digital products and services to meet the needs of our customers, increase its competitiveness in the marketplace, and accelerate our growth.

For further information on the company, please contact: Scott P. Whelan, President & CEO, Dell Technology, (212) 551-1320 Scott.

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