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Why Are You Still Paying $9.00 for an iPad?

As Apple continues to focus on its new $1,000 iPad Pro, it seems that Apple is not only still paying the price for the device, but is also trying to make it as easy as possible for new users to get their hands on it.

While the new iPad Pro will be available at $1/month starting in June, Apple has released an iPad app that is already available for free to anyone who signs up for iCloud.

The app, named “iPad Pro,” is available in the Apple App Store and can be used on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

It works by scanning the QR code displayed when users try to login to iCloud, and the app can then prompt users to download the iPad Pro.

Users can also select from three different templates to create an iPad Pro account, and if users create an account, the iPad will be automatically installed on the device when it is ready to use.

Once users create their account, they are presented with an option to purchase the iPad pro at a price of $9,999.

The price will then vary based on the template, so it can be anywhere from $12,999 for the default iPad Pro template, to $25,999 if the user has the additional templates.

The app also shows a quick tutorial that can help users install the app on their device, and users can download the app directly from the Apple Store.

While the price may seem like a lot for the iPad at $999, the price of the device is not that much more expensive than other iPads that cost around $700, according to Apple.

The iPhone 6 Plus costs $650 when purchased in the United States, and Apple recently lowered the price to $700.

The iPad Pro costs $999 when purchased outside the United Sates.

Apple’s “iCloud App” for iPadPro is available for iOS 10, iOS 11, and iOS 12, and it has been available for a few weeks now.

Apple recently launched a series of free trials for new iOS 10 users, which have been rolling out to users who have signed up for AppleCare+, and Apple has already said that the app will be rolled out to all iOS users in June.

Apple has not announced pricing for the app for new iPad users.

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